Album: Total Decay (1999)

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Crust core From Bandung...with nice beat like bullet voice from AK-47 gun....... "DECAY'S BIOGRAPHY" These band was born at D middle of 1995 members Imeunk(vocals), Asam(R.I.P)(Vocals), Herusegn(R.I.P)(Guitars), Mat(Guitars), Yans(Bass), Beuteung(Drums) in Bandoeng City,At 1999 Finaly their make first RECORD ALBUM CO WITH HARDER REC'S,wich the album title is "TOTAL DECAY" they only make 400 copies in cosstes and all so old. Poor band's are listening 4 a whole kind a music from religious 2 the damned music.And than 2008 members : Din (Vocals), Bonanoz (vocals), essa (Guitars), ginasty (Guitars), harry voos (Bass), Beuteung (Drums)...
and tha last members :
Din (Vocals), Bonanoz (vocals), ginasty (Guitars), okit (Bass), Beuteung (Drums)